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Getting Cricky with K Andrew

Hi guys

One baby step at a time as they say! lol! I've put K's blinkie above for you to check out - still battling to work out how to get it to my sidebar for you all so if you have any tips that would be awesome!

Happy Crafting everyone!

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Hi guys

Sorry for not updating sooner but as you know I've not been well so have had to distract myself alot! Anyhoo, I thought I would share another great blog with you (will post blinkie) as I love what she does, her ideas are so genius and I think you'll love what she creates. I'll add her link to my post as I still haven't quite figured out how to get it on my sidebar lol! Everyday I learn new things but this one has me stumped!

I am still trying to get my camera and camcorder sorted out so apologies no photies yet or vids but I will let you know as soon as I do and then hope for the best on my first vid LOL!

Have a super duper day everyone! Hope life is treating you well.

Bye for now.

Happy Wacky Wednesday!

Hi everyone

This is just a quick check in as I'm unwell at the mo and so have had to rest up. I'm doing ok but still in quite a bit of pain so we'll see. Hope you've all been having a super week so far. I thought I would share some pics of our fur-babies for you - they're so cute just love 'em! They're a little hairy - they've had their hair cut now - so excuse the 'hippy' look! lol.

Don't they look interested in what we're saying? lol

They love to open their Christmas pressies! Was the funniest thing to watch! lol

Have a great day everyone.
Bye for now.

My Pink Stamper

Hi guys
I'm getting there! ha ha!! I've added Robyn's blinkie above for you all as I think she is awesome too. Such great ideas but simple to do so if you're new to crafting or your cricut you've gotta check her blog out. She is the reason I knew how to use my cricut before I'd even ordered it!
Have a happy day guys! 

My First Post

Hi Everyone

Hope you're all having a super day. I have to admit today has been very sunny and bright and very springy. Beautiful day. Anyway I have today made my blog and it has taken me all afternoon to do as I'm still learning about the blogging thing. I am loving it so far and am looking forward to sharing some insiration with you all.

I need to get my camera sorted and then I'll be able to share some fun card ideas with you. I hope that I can inspire you if you're new to crafting to have a go. I bet you'll be hooked like the rest of us. It is awesome and I love creating new things.

Well I will sign off for now but be sure to check back soon as I hope to have things properly up and running for you.

Bye for now.