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*edited* I Have 2 Sites That I'm Running Now :)

Hi everyone

One of the changes is that I now have a new site so I would love it if you popped over to say hi.

You can get there by clicking here.

I will be posting on both and haven't yet decided whether to make each blog about a different topic/genre. If you have any ideas or tips I'd love to hear from you :) Sharing is one of the many reasons I love this community. We're like one big crafty family :)

This year (yes I realize that this is being updated in April lol) I want my blog and YouTube channel to grow and to develop into something I can be truly proud of and sometimes change is needed for this to happen. I will, of course, continue to blog and share videos on crafting however I want to bring a few other topics into that as well, still not decided on what those will be.

I hope you will all join me on my new adventure.

Have a wonderful day!

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How To Emboss Using Dies

Morning fellow crafters

I hope you're having a wonderful day.

For today's card I decided to do a follow on from the last post/video I shared where I show how to emboss using dies. It's super easy to do and you get more out of your dies than just die cutting - awesome right? :)

The sandwich you need to do this (by sandwich I mean the plates needed for your die cutting machine, this will vary depending on which one you have but I used my Cuttlebug this time);

A plate
C plate
Spellbinders tan embossing mat
Piece of card you want to emboss
Your die face down into the card, the same way as if you were going to die cut the card, I used Neat & Tangled's Heart of Gold die
B plate

Then simply run it through your machine and voila you just embossed using your die.

Now, there may be some differences when embossing with dies and you may find that you don't get a deep enough impression. In this case you will want to play around with it to see what works with your machine. I used a pie…

Just Another Manic Monday

Hi everyone

I hope your Monday has been a lot better than mine has. Well, I say that, my Monday was ok, rather stressful and very frustrating but I have come to realise - and I wish that I did this more often - that no matter how frustrated or anxious we get, the situation or circumstance will still have the same outcome because we have no control over it. The same way that we have no control over what people may say or think about us and yet we seem to let it ignite something within us that can make us feel insignificant or overwhelmed or just plain pants. I don't like that feeling and when it creeps up on me, and it still does, sometimes, just sometimes, I can see it happening before I sink too deeply into myself and into that dark place that no one should ever have to be in.

If you have to think of your favorite battle scene in a movie and how everyone in that scene are covered in blood and fighting hard to make sure that their side is brought to justice or safety, that's wha…

Using Dies To Emboss Cardstock

Hi Friends

For this project I wanted to explain how to emboss your cardstock using your dies. It's a great technique and a super way to get more use out of your dies. Dies have become an incredible tool for card-makers and scrap-bookers alike and because they can be quite pricey at times, we definitely want to be able to make the most of them and create in more ways than one.

I have a video for you to watch here which demonstrates this technique and how to make the card shown below or you can head over to my YouTube channel to see not only this one but many others that I have made for you with lots of ideas and techniques.

Here is the card I created and I think it turned out super cute :)

[gallery ids="670,671" type="slideshow"]

Right, once you have the 'sandwich' for your embossing and die-cutting machine down to a fine art, the sky's the limit on what designs you can come up with for your projects.

So for the sandwich - the non-edible kind ;)

I used a Cu…

Upcoming Videos & Chit-Chat

Hi guys

Just popping in to say that as I got sooo far behind with uploading all of my 2017 Halloween and Christmas videos (yes you heard right lol) I will be getting that done over the next few days or so. So, be sure to head over to my YouTube channel to check them out. Maybe it will be the motivation you need for this year LOL! The reason I decided to put them up, even though it's much later than originally planned, is because this year I will have new ideas and product to play with and inspire you, hopefully with some fun techniques too!

I hope too that today finds you well. I have taken today off as a personal/duvet day as sometimes life becomes a little too overwhelming and we need to take a step back and just breathe. I seem to do this quite a lot lately but I don't see the harm in doing this regardless of your circumstances. We all need a time out from the hustle and bustle of everyday things, some of which are harder to overcome or deal with. Having some time to reflect …

Follow My Blog With Bloglovin'

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Hi friends

As you may have seen here's my new site and I'm super excited about it! Although I think I may have gone a little grey trying to figure it all out since it's been so long and so much has changed in the virtual world!

I've been updating all the social media I'm on too so I hope to see you there. This post is all about Bloglovin'. I really don't give it enough credit. It's great and has many wonderful ideas and inspiration that I know we all love.

Inspiration comes in all forms and sometimes you just have to sit back and look out your window to see it. Although today is overcast and it's rained, sleeted, even snowed a little, it's still so stunning and I couldn't be more grateful for such a wonderful view.

So may your day warm your heart and fill you with joy because without that it would be a very sad time and you all know how much sadness there is already in this amazing world we live in.

So keep thinking h…

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!
Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton