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Scrapbook Layouts

Hi friends

Yeah I know it's been a long time since I posted but this past week or so I've been trying to catch up with some scrapbooking and so wanted to share the layouts I've done with you.

I've found a few new places of inspiration so have been trying different ways to scrapbook and I've still not quite gotten into the journalling part of it, crazy I know! but I'm working on it.

So I hope you enjoy and find inspiration from these. I'd love to hear what you think or if you have any hints and tips to share just leave a comment.



In this first layout I tried to do the whole distress thing. I drew in pencil lines like a ray of sunshine and in each section I stamped and heat embossed in the colours of the rainbow. I thought this was a sweet idea and you cold easily do this for a clean and simple layout idea. This one took me quite a long time to do, just so you know.

In the second layout I used a simple idea and kept the layout clean if that makes sense. Really easy to do and pretty quick too.

I decided to do this as I had two of the same photo's and wanted to see how I could make two completely different pages with them. I think it's good to try different things and expand our creativity.

In this two page layout I decided to go with a nautical theme as this is when my mum and dad went on one of their cruises. Both photo's happen to be from the same cruise so that worked out nicely.

I thought this title and image worked well for a couple of photo's of my dad braaing on their balcony when they still lived in the UK. I just thought it looked so cool.

I honestly couldn't decide what to do with this photo, crazy I know, because it's of my dad's 50th birthday from years ago. I know it should have been a no brainer but I just couldn't work out what to do so went with a layout idea from a fellow blogger and thought it worked ok. I'm not totally happy with this one and you'll see in a few pages time how I suddenly woke up to a fab idea.

Eerrgghh! I had to make a layout with this photo that my lovely husband took of me ages ago and I'm a mess but he wanted to try out the passport photo size on the printer we have for the camera so I got shot. LOL! It's an awful photo but it was a funny moment and I couldn't help but use the phrase from Mini Monsters cricut cart to use as a title.

Right so this is when I started to use a new idea I'd come across where a lovely lady, Faith, puts her pages together by using lots and lots of die cuts and inks the edges of most if not all the images and mats going on the page. She is so good so please check out her blog at She has helped me take my layouts to a new level although I am still learning and playing around with ideas. BTW this is my now not so little cousin Jess.

I've had this photo for years and it's of me when I was in pre-school and I thought the images lent themselves to it quite well. I've been using a lot of patterned papers recently and really love how some of them work together and sometimes they just don't. So just play around with the ideas and patterns and just trust your instinct, what looks good to you is what you should go with.

This is my first day of big school and again the images lend themselves to it.

Oh boy, this is my second birthday party and I didn't, obviously, have any Smurf images to cut out so I used the cart Simply Charmed and it worked out ok, I think. I used a stamp as a title instead and this is different way of getting a title if you have a favourite sentiment stamp.

Have a great day!


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