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Hi everybody!

Wow! What a week so far! I feel somehow re-invented, sometimes just making a small change can have a huge impact on how you feel about yourself, build your confidence, uplift you and well...make you feel great about yourself! I've said feel too many times! lol! :)

I've made a great new friend, who makes me laugh and smile even when life is real tough and stressful for me. He's made me think about the little things that I really shouldn't worry about (I know so many have tried to do the same but sometimes it takes fresh eyes if that makes sense, it probably doesn't lol) He's so positive, always smiling so thanks buddy. I have some amazing friends of old who have done nothing but support me which I'm always grateful for and love them for that! Some who I don't see or even speak to all the time are still there when I need a shoulder to 'cry' on. So thanks guys I love you all! Not forgetting all of you wonderful new crafty friends who inspire me all the time and have become a big part of my life, thank you!

Friendship is a special thing to have and a relationship which grows and grows over time even though you may be many many miles apart. Sometimes it's great to have a good old catch up like 'hey how u doing?','what you been up to?' OR to have a good chingwag about how they've been treating life, what experiences they've had thrown at them, you guys I'm sure, know what I mean.

Life's a funny thing really. There have been times in my life where I've wanted to give up and just go, you get to a stage when you feel you cannot handle anymore upheaval or trauma or disappointment. But just when you're at that stage, a tiny bit of light shows up and grows, slowly, to become something extraordinary. When you feel like that again, life does that to us, just think of that thing of extraordinariness (is that even a word lol) and remember how it made you feel, taking one day at a time.

Yeah okay, didn't think this post was going turn out the way it did but once I started typing it just kept coming out! lol!

Have a wonderful day and I'll check in again soon!

Janene x
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