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It's Time

Hey everyone

Thought it was about time I posted some pics of projects I've done. Don't mind the dates on them - camera issues lol!

So here we go, enjoy :)

Hugs Janene x

Hi everybody!

Wow! What a week so far! I feel somehow re-invented, sometimes just making a small change can have a huge impact on how you feel about yourself, build your confidence, uplift you and well...make you feel great about yourself! I've said feel too many times! lol! :)

I've made a great new friend, who makes me laugh and smile even when life is real tough and stressful for me. He's made me think about the little things that I really shouldn't worry about (I know so many have tried to do the same but sometimes it takes fresh eyes if that makes sense, it probably doesn't lol) He's so positive, always smiling so thanks buddy. I have some amazing friends of old who have done nothing but support me which I'm always grateful for and love them for that! Some who I don't see or even speak to all the time are still there when I need a shoulder to 'cry' on. So thanks guys I love you all! Not forgetting all of you wonderful new crafty friends who …

New Design YAY!

Hi guys

I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year even though it's already the 9th! So sorry guys, you know how life gets, busy, busy, busy - okay maybe not 6 months busy but anyway...glad to be back and will do my best to get some crafty pics finally posted and keep up to date with my posting this year!  This is just a quick post to check-in with you and let you know I've not vanished off the face of the planet lol!

Tonight I'm just gonna chill out, listen to some great music and some new music (new for me) that a friend has suggested and see what I think.

So I'll say bye for now (my Grandad always says that) and I'll check-in again soon, for sure this time! :)

Janene x

ps so happy with the new design - it's very me and there's no wrong in being you, right? right. x