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What a Wonderful Day!

Hey guys.

Just wanted to pop a quick post on this evening. Isn't today turning out to be a great day/eve? Well my day started and was pretty yuk but it got so good - that's not even good English LOL! I went merrily on my way checking out some of my fav blogs and found that I won AGAIN! How super awesome is that!! I've won the Peach Fruit of Spirit My Pink Stamper set from Kristal's blog Getting Cricky with K Andrew! I'm so excited and I just can't fight it - there's a song there I'm sure LOL!

Anyway I just wanted to share that with you and to say a MASSIVE thank you to Kristal for such great giveaways and a fabulous blog! She really does inspire me everytime I watch her video's or see what crafty goodness she comes up with. She is a really sweet friend to me too which I love and appreciate.

Also don't forget to check out Robyn's blog My Pink Stamper as she too is really talented and has some super ideas.

Well, I'm off to see what my hubby is up to lol and to see what's on the box. I've had an exciting eve but now I think it's time to rest and relax with my amazing hubby and our 3 fur-babies. I'll try to put a pic up of our 'kids' soon. My kitty moans like crazy, she's very funny and sweet and our two little dogs are just so adorable too.

Have an awesome day/eve guys. Til next time.

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