Sunday, 29 May 2011

Sunday Already?

Hi guys

Where has this weekend gone? wowee it has flown by and I haven't really done anything. Well actually it was my hubby's birthday yesterday so we had a little get together with mum and dad so I guess I did do a couple of things. I made his birthday cake and cupcakes and iced them! phew! Then we got all the stuff ready for the braai he wanted to have and it all turned out great. Only thing is that we ate far too much and felt like stuffed piggies afterwards LOL! But it was great fun and we all had a good laugh.

I woke up rather late today - like almost midday lol - and have felt really drained all day. I guess that'll teach me for going to bed at 2am! Anyway, I thought I'd give my blog yet another make over as the last time I changed it it just didn't seem to click with me, does that make sense? I loved the colours and the way it looked but it just didn't feel right you know. Sounds strange I know when I've just said that I loved it. So I changed it again and I really like how it turned out this time. It's more muted and not so bright that it hurts your eyes looking at it lol.

As you know I've been trying for a very long time to get my hubby to buy his new PC and I think I've cracked it! He was going to order it today but as it's now so late and he hasn't been well today it will probably be tomorrow but still that's good right? I'm so happy he's finally doing it as he gets so frustrated with his old PC (aka my one) and it will be great to see him enjoy it and be able to play the games he wants to play rather than not being able to play them at full capacity, if that makes sense.

That also means that once his arrives I will get mine back and be able to post some pictures of projects I've been doing and even do a video - shocking I know but it's ebbing ever closer. YAY!

Anyway guys, I hope you have a great rest of your Sunday where ever in the world you are - it's just gone 11pm here so you may still have day light where you are - enjoy it!

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