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Happy Sunday Everyone!

Hi guys

I hope you've all had a fabulous Sunday. We popped over to Mum and Dad's for lunch and boy am I full up!! LOL! I've eaten way too much for one person today!! he he. Anyway we had a great time catching up as they've recently been on a cruise, lucky peeps, and so we got to see all their photo's of the ship and the people they met. It was lovely.

I'm still trying to get my camera / video up and running, it will be here soon, and have finally convinced my hubby to buy his new PC. Long story short, I was going to buy him a new PC for his birthday 3 years ago and because I am not that techy I said we should do it together so he gets the one he wants. Makes sense right? Like I said that was 3 years ago and yesterday he finally said he would properly look at getting it. YAY!! I was so excited for him. It also means that I get my old PC back and will be able to upload more pics and video's etc (the PC I have just doesn't have enough space to be able to do this) to hopefully inspire you guys. So it will be great all round! WooHoo! :0) To be fair to him, we have had 'problems', shall we say, that have gotten in the way of doing this sort of thing. Sometimes you have to be patient and put the things you really want on hold until the time is right or better. I can't wait though, he's going to be soooo happy and I'm looking forward to it for him. It's his birthday 2 weeks time so I have something up my sleeve but as I'm not sure if he looks at my blog, I can't share it with you until after. So a bit of planning and sculpting shall we say to do - just in case you're looking at this love, I don't want you getting any ideas lol.

Friday was a sad day as we had two lots of bad news. Firstly, I received a message from my Mum about my Aunt who is struggling with cancer. She was only diagnosed the back end of last year and it has been so very tough for her since. They had put a port in so she can have chemo but it blocked. When she had the little op to have it replaced, they perforated her lung. Can you believe it?! So she's had to go in for another op to fix that. The sad thing is that there seems to be something that crops up which stops her from getting/having chemo and she needs that to get better. I've said a prayer that she keeps her faith and hope and keeps fighting. She's such a strong woman and I know she can do this.

Then I heard about a friend who had been rushed to hospital after suffering a stroke. Or that's what they thought. As far as we know, it was actually a brain hemorrhage. We work in the same building different depts so haven't heard any further news, maybe tomorrow I'll find out more. I've said a prayer for him that he will be ok and will get through this. He's a good friend and helped me through some tough times in my life years back for which I will always be grateful.

Sorry for not posting sooner, but this last week has also been my first full week back at work and has been exhausting for me. I haven't even vacumed my house! Terrible LOL! - please excuse the spelling too lol!

Anyway until next time guys, have a super crafty special day/eve!

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