Sunday, 24 April 2011

Happy Happy Easter Everyone!

Hi guys.

I hope you have all had a blessed day filled with lots of love and laughter, oh and not forgetting what the Easter Bunny brought you :0).

Sorry I haven't updated sooner - still no camera lol - but things here have been tough. We, my hubby and I, had some very sad and upsetting news about a week ago and so it has thrown us all out of sinc since. With this news means that coupled with all the other things that seem to have gone wrong in the last few years, our chances of having our own children seems to be slipping further and further away. Right I'm just gonna say it, we were given the funding for IVF last Aug/Sept (which we were so grateful for) but we had been trying to save the money for an additional genetic test which we needed for the IVF to stand the best chance of working. I found out about a week ago that the funding has been withdrawn. We were not aware this was going to happen, nobody had told us, and it was when I phoned our clinic to check everything was still ok that I found out about it.

This may sound a little odd but I could understand it a bit better if they had said they would not be funding any further cases but to just take it away from those of us who haven't yet started our treatment was devastating to say the least and broke our hearts.

So if anyone in the UK or you know someone who has gone through this recently, please let me know. We would love to speak to you as we have now got our MP involved who is supporting us in anyway he can. Don't be alone. The more of us that stick together, I think we will at least stand the best chance of being heard, even if the funding is not re-instated. I hope that makes sense, it's been a long and trying week.

I will try not to leave my posting as long as I have and will speak to you all soon.

Have a wonderful rest of your Easter Sunday.

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