Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Feeling un-inspired today

Hi guys

Hope you've all had/having a great day. Gotta say that I've not as am still not well so have been very un-inspired today. However, I had a lovely surprise when I checked my blog and found that I have a new follower, how cool is that! I get very excited about such little things but you know what it's the little things in life that make it all worth while for me. It always has and I've always said that. I also checked out her blog which is deliteful-gifts.blogspot.com and she has some fab photies of a white deer on there. So beautiful and I can relate as we have a woodland on the other side of our fence and so we see deer too. So lovely! We also see fox, pheasant, tons of squirrels, loads of birds - it's just so awesome! I love it! I will try to get some pics put up soon to show you. Isn't nature just wonderful? :0)

I want to say a huge thank you to my followers as I am still new to the blog thingie but you guys have been awesome and I'm so grateful that you've joined me. I hope that we can become great friends and share and inspire each other and others in our crafty quests.

If you haven't yet checked out Miss K's blog (I hope she doesn't mind me calling her that) - gettingcricky.com - you so gotta. She has been so inspiring to me, even though I'm having an 'off' day today! She is so sweet and has fantastic ideas. From her vids, I now know how to make my very own dew drops and colour them - just one example :0).

Well, I'm off to see what I can come up with so that tomorrow will be a better day. Fingers crossed guys lol!

Happy crafting!
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